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Improve your practice with a free Nursing Times subscription

Do you want to be the best nurse you can be? The Nursing Times gives nurses the confidence to be the best clinician they can be with their online learning units, clinical practice, news and opinion articles. This can help nurses increase their skills and knowledge and improve their practice. To thank our nurses for their hard work and dedication, we are giving it to them FOR FREE.

About Nursing Times

Nursing Times has been supporting nurses for over 100 years. Since its launch in 1905, the magazine has published articles to help nurses improve their practice, kept them up to date with news on nursing and healthcare policy and practice, and supported them in their career development.
The Nursing Times is your go-to clinical archive for all things nursing – with over 5000 double-bind peer reviewed articles. You can find daily nursing news, opinion pieces and learning materials all in one place. This gives nurses the confidence to be the best clinician they can be, as well as gain advice on career changes and progressions.

Subscribe for free

We have conducted a survey and found that nurses are cancelling similar subscriptions due to the rising cost of living. That is why we have partnered with the Nursing Times to ensure you don’t miss out on some great incentives.  For 1 year you will have access to an archive of around 6,000 peer-reviewed clinical articles, a personal e-Portfolio to store and save CPD and revalidation evidence, online learning units on fundamental aspects of nursing care, nursing news and analysis and customised email alert, bite-size learning through NT Self-assessment and NT Journal club and access to the Nursing Times digital archive.

Why subscribe?

Nursing Times breaks the biggest and most important stories affecting nursing every day and helps nurses stay up to date with over 30 clinical subjects and 16 roles. You will receive expert opinions from specialist nurses, council members, public health experts, professors, and more. What better way to stay up to date than learning from the best? The Nursing Times highlights nursing excellence through project reports, best practice, special reports and video, as well as exclusive blogs from the future leaders on the topics that matter now!
Keep your skills and knowledge up to date and ensure you are always providing safe, compassionate care. Along with many other added benefits and discounts, a subscription like this can only assist you and improve the healthcare system as a whole.
If you are interested in receiving tips and advice, guidance on job applications, unrestricted access to Nursing Times all for free, then click here to sign up. If you already have an account with the Nursing Times, you can cancel it and we will pay it for you.