This communication covers PEE, Health Assessment and Trust Expectations



Dear Nurse,

Firstly I want to say thank you to all of you for the diligent care you are providing to your patients/clients in this extremely difficult and worrying time.
Last night again showed the public support for all you are doing along with all other Key Workers. Please take a moment to accept the thanks and recognise it was for you.
This communication covers 3 important points

  1. PPE
  2. Health Assessments and Isolation
  3. Trust expectations

As you will be aware there has been a lot of discussion in all forms of media about the appropriateness of the PPE available or recommended for use by clinical and social care staff. Yesterday evening the UK Government updated the COVID 19 PPE Guidance and produced one-page pictorial posters which provide clarity on the PPE to be used and when it should be used.
I have attached the full guidance which explains what has changed and what the new requirements are. The evidence is in this document and all the detail. However it is 19 pages long so I have also attached the one-page documents which cover secondary care settings and primary, outpatient and community care settings. There is also a further 1-page document which covers additional considerations regardless of the location of the patient.
Health Assessments
As in previous communications from me can I  please remind you if you have a health condition which you think exposes you to increased risk should you contract COVID 19 you must contact me so I can undertake a risk assessment. The health questions you have previously completed may not have all the current information so it's important you notify me. Depending on the outcome I can then see if the client you are work with is able/willing to give assurance that you can work within the limitations identified in the risk assessment.
It is your responsibility to notify me if you are unwell or have to enter family isolation so that we can ensure you have the information you need to claim Statutory Sick pay or any other benefit.
Knowing who is in COVID isolation will also help to ensure I can share information about where you have to go to get swab tested. If you are tested and not positive then you can resume work quickly, as long as you are well enough.
Client Expectations
A significant number of the health and social care organisations you work in as agency nurses have been issuing instructions to us which we have passed on to the relevant nurses/midwives/health care assistants in summary these are

  • Agency nurses are expected to now care for query and positive COVID patients in the same way as substantive staff
  • Staff must not wear uniforms to and from work but change on arrival, in some cases you will be required to wear scrubs provided by the client you are working in. This will be explained on arrival in the area.
  • Clients are advising that if you have any concerns about their COVID policy/processes you speak to the nurse in charge of the shift or the site team depending on where you are working
  • Fit mask testing is being undertaken with agency nurses but most clients are working on a location priority i.e. ITU/ICU/HDU first

Clients have also made clear behaviour they will no longer accept

  • If nurses are not going to be prepared to move when asked to by managers then clients have said they respect this but would prefer the nurse not to book at all as they do not have the time to redeploy as their site teams are all stretched
  •  If nurses walk out of shifts then cancellation fees will not be paid and some clients have also said this will lead to permanent exclusion from their organisation. To date, this has happened to 3 nurses who work via ICG Medical agency brands. 

If you have concerns about how you are being treated by a client you must tell us about this so either your agency or I can address this with the client.
Please remember if you are concerned or have questions you can contact me directly on at any time, 

Please keep safe in these really challenging times.
Thank you for all you are doing.

COVID-19 PPE Guidance- GOVUK 02.04.2020
PPE for Secondary Care
PPE for Primary Care
Additional considerations



Justin Prins


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Head of Nursing
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